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Edmund M. Dorsey – CEO/Founder

Has a BS. In TV and Film Production and a Minor in Computer Security.

He creates music for recording artists,  Audio Engineer, TV & film, Radio, Theater, Plays and more.
Other engagements include work as a Film Editor, Broadcasting,  Musical Director and Vocal Trainer.

Born in Pennsylvania, Husband and Father of three, Edmund M. Dorsey begin to show his interest in the Gospel music field while attending the University At Albany were he became a member and shortly after became the Director of the Angelic Voices of Praise Gospel Choir in 1995. His gifting in music expanded to songwriting and musical arrangement and Play writing.
Once relocating to New York City he began to develop a passion for audio production. Within three years Edmund M. Dorsey and His Wife Dionne Dorsey formed an Independent production company, named, Jyrah Productions in 2001. In 2007, they would also form an Outreach Ministry called “ One Praise Ministries”, to reach the lost using music and production. Edmund has worked on projects for various independent and professional artists, bands, choirs and small groups and was the editor of the recently released movie 2015 “The Father’s Love” now on DVD and Netflix. He is currently editing a new film called “ A Piece Of Me “ which will be released in April 2016.  His work also led him to Mixing and Mastering various CD’s of music and songs he was a part of. He is also the CEO and Founder of the Productions ministry One Praise ministries, a ministry focused on outreach and discipleship. Edmund’s Gifts and talents have been shared with many. He’s received countless of appreciation across his career. He has a BS. In TV and Film Production and a Minor in Computer Security.

What you are will show in what you do.

New Level Cinema is a collaborative team of individuals ranging from Videographers, Photographers, Designers, and Creatives. With over a decade of combined experience, our goal is to bring you high quality products while maintaining great customer service. All of our content is shot in High Definition, including 1080p and 4k at request. Our arsenal of tools includes Drones, Stabilizer Systems, Sliders, HD audio capture devices and more. Utilizing our tools and skill set allows us to capture every moment of your event, and deliver an eye captivating product that will keep both you and your audience engaged at all times.

Videographers, Photographers, Designers, and Creatives

Whatever the mind can conceive, believe it can achieve.

GMA Academy National Competition Music in the Rockies Contemporary Christian Vocal Solo III Winner
Scott Holley is a gospel vocalist with a rich anointed tenor voice that projects in such a way that when you hear him you can feel God’s presence fill the room. Scott quoted that God has called us to give all an open invitation to meet with God in worship. So many people think that God is so high that they can’t attain Him, But it says in the bible in Jeremiah 29:13 that if you seek him you will find Him if you seek with your whole heart.
In concerts, meeting with God is our mission. We sing to God and invite others to join in, and together we go to the mountain of God to meet with Him. What an awesome experience. Once you’re in the presence of God all you want is more of Him. Healings and deliverances take place in God’s presence.

The life we lead is the lesson we teach

In all his performances  he has provided musical enchantment and diversity for lovers of all genres of music, and also creating A truly original sound for the listeners pleasure.
He grew up playing music in church, taught practical and theory music at secondary level for six years, played with numerous bands.
As a qualified keyboard player with vision, unmoved by daily selfish interests,  He is led to right decisions by his conscience. In general, a musician who knows from whence he comes and where he is going will co-operate with his fellow musicians .” I am a person who will not be satisfied with merely doing my ordinary duties but will inspire others by my good example”.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world