Perfect Gifts from God

Perfect Gifts from God

May 17

Perfect Gifts from God

Whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God above. (James 1:17 )

Why was Eve so easily deceived by the serpent in the Garden of Eden? How did it happen that a slithery snake could convince her to take a bite of fruit when the Master of the universe told her not to? Did she forget who God was? That’s doubtful. Did she forget that he created herthat he was there to watch over her? Even more doubtful. Did she think that Satan knew more than God? Let’s get real.

What Eve forgot was so basic and simple that many of us don’t even recognize it. She forgot something that you and I forget every day. Something that Satan wants us to forget. Something that God wants us to remember.

Eve forgot that only God can bring good things. James tells us, “So don’t be misled, my dear brothers and sisters. Whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God above” (James 1:16-17 ). If it comes from God, it is good; if it doesn’t it is evil. It’s a truth that is as simple as it is profound.

Eve would never have fallen to Satan’s lies if she had internalized this one basic fact of the universe. She would have never eaten the fruit if she had remembered this principle. Adam would have never followed her into sin if he had thought of this one simple thing.

This is a truth that you and I need to settle in our heart once and for all. Nothing is good outside the realm of God’s perfect will. Nothing will satisfy that he has not given us. Nothing will improve our life, make us stronger, give us hope, help us live, or bring us fulfillment outside of the things that come to us directly from God. No matter how good it looks, how good it sounds, how much it promises, or how harmless it seems, if God is not the One who brought it to us, we should refuse the offer and run. In the end it will only lead to sorrow and sin.

Embrace this truth, and you won’t be deceived. Settle it in your heart, and Satan won’t be able to touch you.

Today’s Reading

Genesis 3:1-6 ; James 1:17


When was the last time you were deceived by Satan? Would he have been successful if you had internalized the truth that only God can bring good things?


He loves you with a perfect love.” (Apollyon, 274)