Video Editing Price Chart

How much does video editing cost?

Video production companies and independent professionals can edit home videos, music videos, commercials, short films and full-length movies. Source material in need of editing can be as short as 30 seconds to hours of footage. Video editing services include assembling video footage into a final piece; adding chapters and menus, motion graphics (such as titles, logos and name cards), voice over, and music; adjusting brightness, contrast and color; taking care of image stabilization, and much more.


Video editing prices depend entirely on the desired outcome of the client.  Final costs increase for more complex projects and higher final production values.


The more source material (original video footage) to be edited, the higher the cost. Watching and organizing all submitted footage takes time and the trained eye of a video production professional.  In addition, the longer the finished product results in higher costs due to polishing work of color adjustment, image stabilization and other “post-production” tasks that require extensive detail.

  • Starting rate for editing video content: $199  (Basic Editing)

Demo reels, any video project within 5 minutes

No color correction

Video voice overs




In addition we can add in graphics, create chapters and menus, and provide voiceover and music overlays to the final product. The more bells and whistles, the higher the total cost. Here are a few examples of add on costs:

For full video production services rather than just editing, costs increase dramatically. Jyrah Productions Inc will handle every aspect of a project from start to finish, including concept development, script writing, voiceover, filming, lighting, audio, editing and post-production.

Short Film/Music Video

Run-Time 5min

  • Approximate final video runtime
    5 minutes
  • Video editing project type
     Short film
  • Video showing location
    Online, social media
  • 1 DVD copies of film (Master)
     Digital only copy (Metedata) 

Starting at $350 

Episode for TV / Short Film

Run-Time 30min

  • Approximate final video runtime
    30 minutes
  • Video editing project type
    TV Episode / Short film
  • Video showing location
    Online, social media
  • 3 DVD copies of film (Master)
     Digital only copy (Metedata) 

Starting at $450

Feature Film/Documentary

Run-Time 1 + Hour

  • Approximate final video runtime
    1 + Hour
  • Video editing project type
    Feature film
  • Video showing location
    Online, social media
  • 5 DVD copies of film (Master)
    Digital only copy (Metedata) 

Starting at $850

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